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Frequently Asked Questions

Is fish oil safe? Is it contaminated with Mercury and PCB's?

Most Fish Oil products contain no mercury and only trace levels of PCB’s (which can’t be fully avoided since PCBs are found in water everywhere). A serving of fish meat is likely to contain far more contamination than a fish oil supplement.

What is the gelatin source for softgel products such as fish oil?

We typically use bovine (beef/cattle) derived gelatin for the manufacture and encapsulation of our softgel products. The bovine is free of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).  

Do your products come in veggie capsules?

We currently offer only selected products in vegetarian capsule form. Pro Tip: Look for the veggie cap icon on the product description.


I received product samples. How do I cancel my subscription?

We do not offer any trials and we do not send any samples direct to consumers. You may have signed up for "free samples" through a different company by the name of Nu-Health Online Services. Since we are not affiliated with this company, we are not able to cancel your subscription and we do not have access to your financial information. 

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately at this time, we do not ship international retail orders. However, please contact Customer Service and we will try our best to connect you with an authorized re-seller who does. 

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