Private Labeling

Build your brand with Nu-Health Products Co.’s private labeling capabilities.

Through time tested, proven formulations, and quality manufacturing processes our private labeling capabilities can help promote your brand, drive growth, and increase your market share.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry and a knowledgeable and dedicated staff we can help deliver quality products featuring your brand, logo, and label. Whether you are an experienced distributor or a new company seeking to break into the dietary supplement industry, you can rely on Nu-Health Products Co. for all your private labeling needs.

With fair and reasonable minimum order quantities you can get started building your brand and promoting your products without worrying about the manufacturing and regulatory aspects of the industry.

When you choose Nu-Health Products Co. you get:

  • A wide range of formulations and packaging options
  • Expert industry advice
  • Fast and efficient production, packaging, and shipping
  • Proven success and performance
  • Your own branded product ready to market, sell, and promote

For further information and to discuss your private labeling needs,  please email us at info@nu-health.com or contact Customer Service and ask for a private labeling specialist Toll Free (888) 458-4159. 

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